Europe suffers from shortage of truck drivers

After analyzing the freight market, the British company Transport Intelligence and made a disappointing conclusion about the presence of a large number of vacancies among truck drivers. Transport companies in Europe are in dire need of 400,000 drivers. At the same time, studies of the service have proven that there is no connection between the exit of the country from the European Union and the shortage of labor force. Similar problems are experienced by other European countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy. The lack of truck drivers has not bypassed the United States.

For these reasons, the range of various goods in UK stores is decreasing. Transport problems provoked a delay in the processing of meat products for a month and a half. English businessmen are losing profit due to the lack of workers and blame Brexit, as well as the new migration regime. The state is interested in the arrival of qualified workers from other countries.

Representatives of British trade have asked for help from the relevant minister Kwazi Kwarteng, so that the government will allow the entry of drivers from the European Union on temporary visas. It is assumed that these measures will at least partially solve the problem of lack of drivers.

However, with a general shortage of drivers in Europe, it will not be possible to solve the problem by issuing visas.

The figures of vacant positions of transport companies for the past year are given. Thus, Germany needed almost 60,000 specialists. Currently, the need for personnel is growing and by 2027 it may reach more than 185 thousand people.

France needs 43,000 drivers within two years, Italy needs 15,000 drivers. The US is trying to attract labor from abroad.

The Daily Express agency sees the reason for the shortage of personnel in the closure of Chinese ports, which have changed the volume of traffic around the world.

The problem of a shortage of driving personnel proved to be somewhat “useful” for the supporters of the secession of Britain. They were pleased to say that Brexit is not the cause of the lack of drivers. The British government advised entrepreneurs to increase the wages of drivers and organize training for potential candidates.

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