How to prepare your child for the move

New housing is an important change not only in the lives of adults. Children painfully perceive any unfamiliar environment and truck dispatcher for beginners. A long stay, the first night’s sleep in a new apartment – all this, of course, can shake the baby’s psyche.

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Therefore, psychologists advise to conduct conversations about moving to a new home in advance. No need to spread this news unexpectedly. It is necessary to prepare the baby, to say that changes will occur in his life, but his relatives will be there. It is important to capture the moment of moving on a photo or camera, arrange a small farewell party and create a pleasant atmosphere. The child should not perceive leaving the house as a tragedy, and dragging boxes as a difficult task.

Toddlers of different ages can participate in their own way in preparing for a change of residence:

Children from 2 to 3 years old should not participate in the process of collecting things. During this period, it is better to captivate them with a game or a walk.
Children aged 4-5 years can be involved in small work. They can help to fold their own toys, clothes.
A child of 6-8 years old can independently actively participate in the preparation of the move. To do this, you just need to offer to participate in such an event.
During the move, it is necessary that the child does not face the hardships of carrying boxes, but spends time with his mother for a walk. You can entrust this responsible business to a cargo taxi in Kyiv. Employees will transport and unpack things in a new place in a few hours.

After the whole family has settled in a new house, you need to get to know the neighbors, go to the playground. Show the child a new way from home to kindergarten. The main thing is to make it clear to the child that with the move to a new place of residence, nothing has changed in his life, he is still surrounded by care and love. The main thing is to constantly talk and explain all the details, even those that seem too banal for an adult. Many families trust the transportation of things to professionals. After all, traveling with the specialists of a moving company is a guarantee of peace of mind for parents and joy for a child.

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