Preparing for winter transportation

In winter, it is much more difficult to transport goods than it is in summer. Severe weather conditions slow down the trucking process. The ice can cause a vehicle to get caught in traffic jams. Performing rigging work in cold weather is also much more difficult. In addition, cargo needs to be packed more carefully in the winter to protect it from the cold air.

Therefore, to cope with the transportation in the winter period not all transportation companies are able to. Small transport companies often cease to provide transportation services during the cold season. Only large, experienced carriers are able to resolve this issue. What are the most frequent difficulties faced by cargo carriers in winter?

Transportation of fragile cargo.
Fragile items are quite difficult to transport during the warm season. And their delivery in winter, due to difficult weather conditions is often an impossible task. On the roads in the winter time of ice, suddenly there may be a snowstorm. If at that time the car is already on its way, not only the goods to be transported, but also the vehicle itself can be in a dangerous situation.

Competent packing of the goods helps to solve this problem. In this case, even the most fragile tea set will not be damaged by transportation in ice.

How to properly pack fragile goods for transportation in winter?
For packaging you need:

foam rubber;
duct tape;
Bubble wrap;
Cardboard boxes.
The most important packing material in this case is bubble wrap. Every item is carefully wrapped in several layers with it. This helps to protect dishes, mirrors and other fragile items from damage.

After that, you put foam rubber in a cardboard box and then put the load wrapped in clingfilm in it. For extra protection, the foam can also be placed between the boxes. The boxes with the goods placed in them are closed and sealed with tape. We advise you not to save on packaging. Spending a little money on it, you can avoid much more substantial losses.

Transportation of thermophilic cargoes
This category primarily includes furniture and appliances. If the conditions of transportation of these things in the winter period are not met, the furniture can lose its presentable appearance, and equipment out of order.

Proper packing also helps to solve this problem. All transported things should be wrapped in stretch film or bubble wrap. Small items, once packed, should be placed in cardboard boxes.

Heat-loving items also include animals and plants. Never water fresh flowers before transport. Watered soil will freeze in the freezing temperatures, causing the plants to die. Put the pots with flowers in cardboard boxes, so that their tops remain outside. They are wrapped with bubble wrap on top.

Special insulated vans are used to transport the animals. If you plan to transport your pet in a cage, create comfortable conditions for its transportation. Place a warm blanket on the bottom of the cage and attach warm material to the sides of the cage to protect it from drafts.

What complications cannot be avoided?
Some of the objective difficulties that accompany the winter cargo transportation, it is impossible to avoid. It is impossible to transport goods at top speed in the winter. Winter roads are often icy, so cars move much slower on them than in the summer. In addition, hurricanes, storms, and blizzards periodically occur, which can delay the movement of a vehicle. If bad weather breaks out before the car, ship or plane leaves, the trip will be rescheduled for a more appropriate time.

To minimize the risks accompanying the transport of goods in winter, you must carefully select a suitable transportation company. Amateurs are not able to qualitatively organize the process. Turning to them, you risk. In this case, your cargo may not get to its destination at all. Small companies often employ unprofessional staff who are not able to solve such problems and do not know how to make the right decisions in extreme situations.

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