Proper packaging – the key to ensure that the object will be delivered to its destination intact. This is told within the framework of the learning how to dispatch trucks.

There are a number of requirements for the packaging of cargo shipments (no matter how long or short distances) of the company movers, such as:

The packaging must always be appropriate for the type of goods being transported.
The safety margin of packaging must be sufficient not only for direct transport but also for handling operations.
When packing, be sure to take into account the climatic conditions of the region and the time of year.
The main thing is to make sure that the packaging is suitable for the weight, size, and vulnerability of the cargo.

There are many different types of packaging:

Rigid or solid. It is a frame made of wood and metal. Household and office equipment, large car parts, etc. are packed in it.
Semi-rigid. Corrugated cardboard boxes, bales (including pressed boxes with the addition of cardboard

elements). Suitable for many types of cargo – household appliances, consumer goods, glassware, etc.
Soft. Bags, fabric bales and bags, as well as bales (but without cardboard elements). This way

they pack loose goods, fabrics, some consumer goods, etc.

Pallet Board. This design consists of an europallet and looks like a sturdy wooden container. You can safely transport fragile or especially valuable cargo in such packaging.
Let us remind you that the “insides” of the package are not less important. Voids in it are filled with air-bubble film, foam or cardboard inserts, crumpled paper, cloth and other soft elements that will prevent the displacement of the item in the box or its damage.

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