What is freight handling

“Transport cargo handling” – what does this concept mean in terms of modern logistics? You can find out about this at the end of the truck dispatcher training. This is one of the economic activities necessary to ensure the timely and quick delivery of goods to the customer. It includes activities that take place in the interval between the receipt of cargo from the supplier and its poisoning along the route.

What does freight handling include
Comprehensive services for the implementation of preliminary cargo storage, loading and unloading operations, the organization of reception and dispatch of railcars, registration of necessary documentation. This term also includes consolidation and deconsolidation of groupage cargo, inspection for defects, temporary storage, additional packaging for security purposes, marking and sealing.

This term applies to any type of transport, land, air, or sea, and activities may differ for each.

For dangerous, oversized, perishable goods it is especially important to ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted for each type of cargo. Thus, when transporting perishable goods the most important principle of their safety is to ensure the necessary temperature conditions not only during transportation but also during storage at intermediate storage locations.

The choice of appropriate transport is important for dangerous goods, as well as compliance with all precautionary measures during loading and unloading.

Large companies involved in cargo transportation have a set of ready-made solutions that allow efficient delivery of any goods to the recipient.

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