What is the transportation of furniture?

According to the authors truck dispatcher training courses the need for the service of proper transportation of furniture occurs in the case of office, apartment move, when buying new furniture and so on. Transportation to another city can be engaged independently or contact a transportation company. But what exactly choose the transport of furniture? With this question should be carefully considered.

What is the transport of furniture
Moving furniture is a very labor-intensive process. At the first stage, the features of this procedure may seem simple and quickly achievable, but in fact they are especially difficult, and need to treat them with care and caution. For what reason? The fact is that if you improperly transport furniture to the kitchen or living room, it can easily be damaged. Damage can range from small scratches and chips to serious problems, such as cracked glass, skewed doors, damaged fronts. It is most frustrating when the damage occurs on new furniture, which the user has not even had time to install.

In order to avoid serious mistakes, and in the future, do not regret your recklessness, the transportation of furniture must be approached very carefully and balanced.

What to choose – the quality of transportation or savings
Each person in the process of preparing the transport of furniture, at the beginning must decide who will carry the cargo. There are three options, each of which should be carefully considered:

Self transportation – this option is the cheapest. But in such a situation, before transportation, the user should definitely read the notes or articles on the topic of the rules of transportation of furniture. You should also familiarize yourself with certain rules for packing cabinets, glass, mirrors and so on. After getting acquainted with the theoretical material, you can already proceed to the procedure itself. Furniture should only be transported by truck. It is not recommended to transport furniture in a passenger car in order to save money. Such transportation is quite dangerous and unreliable.Another disadvantage is that a person spends a large amount of time. He is not a professional, which means he can not foresee all the problems that can happen during transportation.
Calling a special private team of movers – this option, of course, is not as budgetary, but it will take a minimum amount of time and effort. Often, private crews do not pack the furniture. The movers load it into the car in the form in which it was presented by the customer. The fleet of private crews does not have a wide range of trucks, and most often they have one car. All things are loaded into one car, which does not help to arrange them correctly. The disadvantage of such brigades is that if the furniture is damaged, they are not responsible and do not cover the losses of the customer.
Applying to a specialized transportation company in Moscow is a rather expensive option, but the safest. All that is required from the customer is to place an order and pay for the service. All other problems will be solved by the company’s staff. Transportation are engaged real professionals – loaders, drivers, assemblers. The list of services for the transportation of furniture includes assembly-disassembly designs, packaging, loading work, the service rigger and transportation itself.
Thus, the consumer has three solutions to the problem. Naturally, if you want to save money on transportation of furniture, then it is better to do it yourself. If the financial side of the issue does not play an important role, then you should contact a trusted company.

The choice of transport company
If the user has decided to turn to professionals, then he should know how to choose the right company. First of all, it is necessary to ask friends and relatives if they have ordered such a service, ask about the rates and what the impressions of cooperation were. You can also do this on the Internet by visiting the forum and reading the reviews.

After choosing a company, you should ask the manager about all the questions such as how many years they have been working, what kind of fleet they have, the working conditions, how the payment is made and whether an agreement is concluded.

If the answers to all questions satisfied the consumer, then you can proceed to make an application.

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