Which is better: a big load or a small one?

Type of transport
The first thing you think of when shipping cargo is transportation. Small cargo can be transported by almost any means of transportation. It can be not only planes, ships and trains, but even cars. Of course, machines can also be different, ranging from simple “Gazelle” and ending with a multi-tonnage trucks.

Often, for transportation of small loads smaller cars are used. But sometimes also involve more spacious technique. To make delivery was not too expensive, then send goods extra cargo, that is, one car is placed in the cargo of several people. Of course, the final destination must coincide or pass through the main route.

With bulky cargo situation is more complicated. No “Gazelles” or “Heels” are rented for it, but only roomy cars.

Packing process
Small items are usually packed in cardboard packaging, air-bubble elements or stretch film. It is not difficult to acquire these materials. In addition, they need a minimum amount, which is a significant advantage.

Large items are often delivered without packaging. But this is due to the nature of the cargo. Of course, in order to protect large things will require a huge amount of material. In addition, it is not always easy to purchase boxes of the required size.

Speed of shipment
It is worth noting that the speed of shipment also depends on the size of the cargo. This is directly related to the already mentioned additional cargo. This method is used to save money. But it is not possible to send urgent shipments this way, because you have to wait for a hitchhiker, and it takes a lot of time.

With large items there is no such problem. The cargo is loaded into the car, and it is immediately dispatched.

Shipment route
The route also depends on the size of the cargo. This is directly related to the type of vehicle. In cities and on highways, you may see low bridges that are not designed for multi-story trucks to drive. Vehicles such as a Gazelle will easily pass under a low bridge, while large vehicles will simply get stuck.

Selecting specialists and trucking companies
Select a transportation company should be chosen responsibly and cautiously. But if the consumer does make a mistake, then the consequences when working with small cargo will be much less. It is much easier to work with such goods, because you do not need riggers, they can be replaced by ordinary movers. There is no need to look for people who know the technique. Thus,

the company will have fewer chances to show their unprofessionalism.

Documents on the cargo is also different, but the main thing here is not the size. But, often, small shipments are small items that do not need documentation. But bulky items require special permission. These can be animals, safes, various equipment, and so on.

Price .
The very last, but very important point is the cost. Based on experience, we can safely state that the transportation of large goods is more expensive. This is due to the following nuances:

the use of expensive equipment;
Hiring specialists in a particular field of activity;
rental of a spacious car, and so on.
Considering all of the above factors, we can conclude that it is impossible to find out definitively which cargo is easier to work with. Each shipment has its own characteristics and nuances. All of the above information is relative. Small shipments may also require special documentation, for example, if it is jewelry, which will significantly affect the cost. But in general, you can understand that small items are a little easier to transport, because they do not need special movers and equipment.

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